Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goat(s) of the Week: Introducing Sally's Twins

This post is a bit late because...we have new babies at the barn!

Goat of the Week

Sally's Twins

Sally is one of our barn-mates goats. We bought Penny and Sally at the same time, and she ended up getting pregnant way younger than we planned. She had kids today! YAY BABIES!

I sent my sister to check on the other barn, and she called me back to tell me to hurry over because Sally had just given birth!  A big boy, he's a paint (his color is patched) and started feeding right away. Look at what a cutie:

All yucky, but he's a big, healthy kid!
The pen they are in has other goats, so I went outside to separate them and...I found another kid!
She is super tiny, but tall. A great eater, and such a pretty kid!
This little girl was born first, and Sally moved inside to give birth to the boy. Sometimes new moms forget about the first kid, especially in the case of multiple births. I had to put betadine, which is a type of antiseptic, on the kid's naval (belly button) to prevent illness anyways, so I got to pick her up and bring her to her mom, who was happy to see her! 

We try not to be too hands-on with the newborns, it's important to give them mom time to figure things out on her own. However after 10 minutes, the boy hadn't had anything to eat, so I had to place him "within range" of her udder. Once he had some assistance, he ate like a champion! 
We will clean him up tomorrow.
Both kids and their mom are doing well. The barn is sure filling up fast--Three more of their does are due in April! Wish us luck!

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