Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goat Video Review by Guest Blogger Ariel Morris!!

So awhile ago I made a video of my buck, Mega. I used a very helpful how-to on choosing the right editing software that my friend Ariel wrote on her blog about film making. I showed her the final product and she wrote the following post for me to share with my readers who want to make their own viral animal videos. 

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Watch "Crazy Megamind"

Hey guys!

I’m Ariel and I run a DIY amateur filmmaking blog… which means that I offer tips, how-tos and product reviews concerning the world of filmmaking.  As a fan of student filmmaking and cute goats, I felt obligated to help my friend out with a brief review of her own home video of her crazy goat, Megamind.

The footage is adorable (obviously) and has the potential to be viral but could use some clean up.  Here are 3 things that could be done to improve the video, as well as some pointers for you to create your own cute goat video!

1) Consistency:  The video is entitled “Crazy Megamind” – I want to see footage of this crazy goat being wild the whole time!  While the black and white footage and footage of Megamind being cute at the fence is adorable, I want to see Megamind wrecking havoc!  I suggest picking a theme or tone of the goat being filmed and stick to it.  A follow up video entitled, “Megamind being cute and snuggly” featuring the black and white footage/footage at the fence would be great.

2) Make the clips short and sweet. Editing is the key!

3) Choose a song that best reflects the tone.  I love the use of dramatic classical music here to reflect Megamind’s insanity.  Great choice!  So, when you’re making your own cute viral animal video, keep music choice in mind.  The Benny Hill theme song is a great choice for silly videos of animals… not that I do that… often…

I hope this was somewhat insightful!!  What any great viral cute animal video has going for it is tone – so think greatly about the best ways to reflect that in your film.  I think this video could benefit to have a title sequence and maybe an ending linking to the blog.  Otherwise, good job! :)

Happy filmmaking/goat farming!

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