Monday, March 18, 2013

A Lucky Surprise: Meet the newest kid

I like to plan things, especially with the goats.

Take this weekend, for instance. We planned to trim hooves, give shots and de-worm on Sunday.
Dad fed the goats for me at 9. Around 10:30 we went to other the barn to work with those goats first.

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Mr. Mega got the star treatment, getting his hooves trimmed and hair shaved.
Look at those stylish feet...

I took pictures of cows. Even got to watch a stampede as the cows in the pasture ran in to be fed.
We are not aMOOzed...
We came back to our house, went to the barn and...



You didn't miss a memo. We didn't know she was pregnant. Maybe TLC will adapt the "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" for animals...Anyway, we made sure the kid had the appropriate number of limbs, that Penny let it nurse, and left the two of them bond while we took care of everyone else.

Abby and her brother got shots and seemed to not care in the least as they immediately resumed lounging in the sun.

Back to Penny & the kid. We didn't have a pen ready for her, so we quickly had to make one with the supplies we had left over from fixing up Delilah's pen. Now Penny & the kid could be moved inside, where we set up a heat lamp to keep everyone toasty.
Penny was accidentally separated into a pen with males when she was around 6 months old, and got pregnant. This is much younger than any farmer would intentionally breed a doe. When we bought her in November, we didn't know she had been accidentally exposed. Three days before she gave birth, my sister and Dad were semi-joking that she looked pregnant because her 'bag' (her udders, where the milk comes from) was full and dropped down low like a momma goats'. I called them stupid. Who's stupid now?
You are.
If I learned anything from this experience, it's that life can't always be planned perfectly. Sometimes, we get unexpected surprises, both good and bad. Today was one of those good surprises. We were lucky that it was a warm sunny day, and that Penny was healthy enough to deliver her healthy kid alone.

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