Saturday, March 23, 2013

Goat Meat Meal Ideas: Goat Chop BBQ Recipe

So I've talked about how to raise goats, but now I’ll share with you one important reason why: eating goat meat. This is the typical reaction we get:
Left image of Goat Meat courtesy of David Blaine on Wikimedia - Goat Chops
Right image courtesy of "
Know Your Meme"
I know! At first it makes many Americans recoil. I mean it’s…goat! Parts of Africa and Asia get most of their meat from goats, so why is it so taboo? I think Americans are used to eating mostly beef and pork, but it’s time to mix it up! 

For those who have never tried goat meat, the texture of the meat is very similar to lamb, and it tastes a lot like pork. It can be cooked in a variety of ways, is extremely low in fat, but high in protein. It is a versatile meat that can be adapted into many different cultures.

Most times at our Friday night BBQ we cook goat chops alongside our other meat, and it’s always the first to go! Here is one of the most simple, but absolutely delicious recipes that we use for our goat chops. I like to think about this as the "introductory course" for goat meat. It takes on the smokey flavor of the BBQ and looks a lot like any other meat, so just pretend it's something else if you are scared!

Recipe: Cooking Goat Chops
Remember to keep it class, kids. Just look at that parsley. 

Step 1: Start the BBQ
I can't help you with this.

Step 2: Wash the goat meat
Do you really need me on this one? Open up your package and make sure to rinse the meat well. Then pat it dry. Move onto a plate or container.

Step 3: Season the meat
Use any of your favorite all-purpose meat seasoning, or use one specialized for lamb or goat meat. Our favorite seasoning is Susie Q's Original Santa Maria Valley Seasoning. It has a great flavor that goes well with BBQ-ed meat. Sprinkle on a moderate amount then massage it into the meat. We sometimes add a tablespoon or more of olive oil to make the seasoning stick well. 

If you don't have seasoning on hand, you can make one by combining: 1 part salt, a dash of pepper, 1.5 parts dried oregano flakes, 1.5 parts dried parsley flakes and a dash of garlic powder. Need to restrict sodium? Love Garlic? Combine all ingredients, stir and then adjust it to your personal taste! You can make a big batch and store it in a tupperware on your counter to use on everything from meat to garlic toast to eggs!

Step 4: Cook it!
Put the goat chops on the BBQ! Try not to mess with them too much, let them slowly cook in indirect heat. I never go by time, use a meat thermometer to check for an internal temperature of 145 degrees. (Hint: I DON"T BBQ, I do all the other stuff. I let more capable people take over there!)

***NOTE: this recipe works best with young, tender meat. Older goat meat needs to be stewed or braised for best results.

Step 5: Let it rest!
Take it off the BBQ, bring it inside, then let it sit for 3 or 4 minutes. Do something: Warm up some dinner rolls. Make a salad. Have a beer.

Step 6: Enjoy!
Now, since you were good and let your meat rest, you can cut the meat off of the bone and enjoy delicious goat! (Or eat it like a goat lollipop, your choice. We won't judge.)

Has anyone tried this? What do you want me to try next? More goat recipes? Goat cheeses? I want your goat meat recipe ideas! I plan to create and share a bunch of goat meat recipes, so try them out and give me feedback!


  1. Sounds nommies... but slightly morbid at the thought of some of the goats on your page being turned into Friday night BBQ lol.

  2. this is really good