Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Goats: The Kids are here!!!! UPDATED!!


So I had a whole super cute post planned...but I just can't wait to share the pictures of our newest additions!!!!! They were born between 4:00-5:00 on Sunday, February 10th 2013. Delilah is an awesome mom, she did the whole thing by herself! We have all been worrying and checking on her at all hours....then she goes and has the kids without us! The twins are a boy and a girl....any name suggestions???
The boy is on the left, and the little girl is peaking through mom's legs

Mom has them all cleaned, starting to wobble around...

Delilah was a little nervous about all of the attention...

Little girl is taking her first drink!

Our boy is on the left sleeping, little girl is standing watching mom

After all the work, the kids are asleep and mom gets to rest!!
We are so proud of our newest mom Delilah and are THRILLED she has such strong, big kids. More posts/pictures/videos to come soon, I have homework to finish then back to the barn!! Does college accept missing class due to adorable goats???

Honey had two healthy boys on Tuesday, February 12th. Both moms are resting and are doing great!

Both of Honey's boys have a diamond/star blaze on their heads. SO CUTE! This means we will have 3 wethers (Delilah's 1 & Honey's 2) for sale soon-ish. Anyone going to a September Fair? We've got goats!


  1. They are so cute!! Happy to hear that Mom and kids are doing well. THanks for the update!!