Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goat of the Week: Introducing Maggie the doe

The Goat of the Week is.... Maggie!

Maggie loves Matt!
Our barn-mates have many goats, but one of my personal favorites is Miss Maggie.

 They bought Lucy from Sundance Kids already pregnant. Maggie was born July 6, 2012. She has a very distinctive pattern on the back of her head like a zigzag or lightning bolt of white. So cool!
Just like a dog, always wants to be with her human!
Maggie loves being around people...maybe a little too much! She has almost incited a full on goat escape because she loves being out! When they go to feed, she is always first at the door, ready to barge out and say hi. This causes a problem because the other goats will follow her right out of the pen and out of the barn!
Who me? I've never done ANYTHING wrong!
Maggie was recently weaned. This means that she was separated from her mom in order to stop nursing. Before she was weaned, Maggie would always call back when you talked to her. Now that she has been separated from Lucy, she is a lot less vocal. With some time she will probably be back to her usual blabbering self!

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