Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Laughs: Running & Jumping Kids

Happy Friday!

This adorable goat video (found on Youtube) is just the thing to send us off into the weekend laughing.
I love playful kids (both human and goat). Our buck MegaMind tries to play tag and chase with us, so that "kid" behavior is something goats just don't grow out of no matter how old or big they are. According to the video description, these are two male Nigerian Mini goats that are being kept as pets. While we raise goats for meat, many places use goats as weed control. Better than mowing the grass, and far more entertaining!

Keep an eye out for next Goat of the Week on Tuesday 2/12 and Part 2 of "Should I Raise...." on wethers coming on Wednesday 2/13!

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