Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goat of the Week: Introducing MegaMind the buck

This week the blog is focusing on bucks, so the Goat of the Week is our buck: MegaMind!
Baby Mega. So cute!!

On October 21st, my dad, sister and our good friends/barnmates drove to Medford, Oregon to pick up this guy. He is, without a doubt, the biggest personality in our barn.

He loves people, especially people with corn!
It is important to us that our buck has a kind temperament, since bucks grow very large and can be very stubborn. It looks like we have nothing to worry about, since Mega is...in very technical terms....a big ol' loving goofball.

Hey, how you doin?

Every time we go into the barn, we are greeted with Mega's head poking out of the stall, looking to see who is visiting and what treats they brought.


His favorite thing in the whole world is the blue scooper that feeds him corn. Seriously. Not the people who lovingly feed him, just the scoop. We can feed the same exact corn from another scooper, no big deal. The second the blue scoop comes out, we have a goofy, excited goat prancing around trying to get the corn scoop.

So, how was your guys' week?
Tied for second favorite is playing with us humans and getting his picture taken. We let him roam around when we have our weekly BBQs, and he loves getting the attention. The baby kids are currently stealing his limelight, and he is very vocal about not liking it!

He is currently with three (hopefully) pregnant does: Bella, Lucy & Princess. He is going to be the proud papa to the babies born in April/May!

You can learn more about bucks this week, as I wrap up the series, "Should I Raise..". We are still working on naming the kids, so leave your suggestions in the comments!

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