Monday, February 4, 2013

Five Fast Facts: Goat Pregnancy

Five Fast Facts is a quick and painless post with all the information you need to know on a goat related topic.

This week I'm focusing on Goat Pregnancy:

Poor Honey is very, very pregnant with multiple kids due in February.
  • Goats come into heat every 21-28 days. This means they have the ability to get pregnant every 28 days.
  • Pregnancy lasts around 150 days, or about 5 months.
  • Goats can have anywhere from 1-4 kids per pregnancy. First-time moms normally have a single kid, but twins and triples are not uncommon for the following pregnancies.
  • The general rule of thumb is to use the 30-30-30 rule for delivery. This means the each stage of birth should take no longer then 30 minutes. The three stages are: 1) pre-labor, 2) actual delivery of the kid, and 3) the first nursing. After more than 30 minutes in any stage, most owners will intervene to help the struggling doe.
  • Kids are weaned at 8-12 weeks old. Weaning is separating the kid from the mom in order to stop the kid from nursing. 

Still need more information? I'm currently working on reviewing my favorite (and least favorite) goat books. In the meantime, check out the following links:
  • "Stages of Pregnancy in Goats" offers a more in depth look at the stages of development. 
  • "Goat Pregnancy Calculator" is a tool used to calculate the approximate due date based on the date of exposure. While not 100% accurate, it is a useful tool to back up your own calculations.
  • "Veterinary Partner" has a great article on the 30-30-30 rule and on using ultrasounds for goats. 

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