Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Goat of the Week: Introducing Bella the doe!

This Goat of the Week Post features one of our former goats, Bella:

Bella in 2011 when we first got her....
We bought our first meat goats in February 2011. While we have always had animals, raising goats for meat is still relatively new to us. My sister joined a local 4-H group and decided to raise a wether. Since goats are herd animals and NEVER are happy being alone, we bought a doe, Bella to keep Tyson the wether happy. After my sister showed her wether, we decided that we weren't ready for more does, so we sold Bella to our good friends and barn-mates.
...And Bella in 2012. What a big girl! She is getting her hooves trimmed (blog post coming soon).
Can you believe how much she has grown? They still have her and use her for their breeding program. She was bred to our buck MegaMind in November so they expect kids in April/May. We are so excited we get to see her have healthy kids!

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