Thursday, April 18, 2013

Watch Me Grow! Bonus Goat: Patty

No finals aren't over yet, but my final project presentation on my goat blog is! In celebration, here is an update on our "bonus goat" Patty.
Look at that face.

Patty (our littlest goat) was born on March 17, 2013. Here she is at few hours old...

As you may remember from my previous post, we didn't know Penny was pregnant, so Patty surprised us! We call her a bonus goat.

Here she is cleaned up two days later...
Notice how much bigger she is! Her back touches her mom's belly just a few days later. Goats grow really fast!

Now at 10 days old, look at how solid her body is. She filled out really quickly, which means she is a very healthy goat!
Much like humans, often goats grow taller, then fill out.
At 20 days old, she is even taller, very friendly and has a great natural stance. She also has no problem having her photo taken...

Patty is now 1 month old. She is such a big girl! I can't believe it has already been a month. 
I crawled through shavings to get this picture. Worth it.
Sorry about the demon eyes. If it really bothers you, give me $ so I can buy a decent camera.
So that's Patty! I've got a lot in the works for this summer, including getting the goats ready for fair! There will be how-tos to getting animals registered, showing and more! 

Even more exciting: Princess, Bella & Lucy are going to have Mega's first kids in the next week (ARE YOU EXCITED?? I AM!) We are also in the process of bringing Mega to our house to breed Izzie & Charlotte.
Babies, Babies everywhere....