Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Boer Goat Kid Pictures: "When things go right..." Lucy & Mega's Kids

Hello Readers!

I know...I should be studying for my final...but instead, I'm writing a post! Lucy had her babies last night, how many do you think she had, check it out after the jump....

You'll notice that Bella's boy was all over his new stall-mates. 
LUCY HAD TRIPLETS! Can you believe it? Here is the happy family now, but it's quite a story, let me tell you.
Lucy's owners went to check on her at around 12:00, and she had already delivered her first kid, a girl. Here she is now:
Baby #1  has a blaze that is slightly off center, very cute!
Things weren't well, however. Lucy was crushing this baby as she tried to deliver the next kid. Lucy's owner quickly intervened, and likely saved it's life, but some damage was done. We will get to that in a second.

After moving her first kid to safety, He noticed that Lucy had a kid stuck. It's front legs were out, but he had to go in to re-position it's head and pull it out. After the second came out, the the third, a paint, followed right behind. If Lucy's owners weren't there, it is likely that all three could have been lost.
Baby #2, has a blaze and super long legs. This is why she got stuck!
And Baby #3, the paint. She's a mini Mega, no?
So after all of that, Lucy was very confused. She had only gave birth to one baby the first time she was pregnant, and now she has three girls! She kept losing sight of one, and trying to sit on top of them. By this time there were three people watching her and the babies, so we moved babies around until she settled down.

Lucy cleaned them, but the first baby who was crushed wasn't trying to stand and eat. Even when we squirted milk into it's mouth it wasn't really interested  We gave it a pro-biotic booster and some molasses, and left it in the pen while we made sure the other two ate. It was tense, we were all worried about the little girl, and I think we all were pretty sure she wasn't going to make it. Her owners ended up taking her home so they could keep a closer eye on her and bottle feed.

I called for an update after a few hours, and to my great surprise, she was doing well! She had eaten, stood up and was lively! WOO HOO! When they brought her back to the barn that night, she even fed off of Lucy!

They ended up taking her home, because the barn is cold and they aren't taking any chances. They have affectionately named her Precious.

You may wonder why I titled such a crazy, emotional post "When things go right..."? Well, things could have gone so much worse. They have three girls and their mom all alive and strong. So many times when a kid gets stuck, that means that it and anyone still inside will be born dead. But that didn't happen, so its definitely a day to celebrate! Plus, Lucy's owners REALLY wanted girls, and Lucy gave them three gorgeous kids. Things couldn't have gone much better, actually.

Princess is due any day now, then kidding season is officially over until we start breeding again this summer. I think we could all use a break :)

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