Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Goat Kid Pictures: Bella & Mega have boys!

Morning Goat Blog Readers!

More additions to the barn...Bella had her kids last night! More boer goat kids in the barn = a good day! She had two gorgeous boys, check out the goats below.
A happy little family...say it with me: AWWWW

Bella had her kids around 10:00 last night, and Bella's owners found them around 10:30. She is not a first time mom, so she didn't need us! She had previously had triplets (at night too!), but they died from a disease while they were still kids. These little kids look super healthy, so fingers crossed that everything goes better this time!

So just to remind you, here is a picture of their mom, Bella and their dad, MegaMind. Both are boer goats:

I know these are absolutely the worst pictures of them, sorry.
So here is boy number one:

He is a mini version of his mom. He has the same marking and dark coloring. MegaMind (the dad) is dark too! Like father, like son! When I visited this morning, he was sleepy and silent.  He looks like the "typical" boer goat, dark head, white body. The pink thing hanging in the picture is his umbilical cord. After the birth (and letting mom clean them up), we dip it in iodine to prevent infection.

Boy number two:
He doesn't really look like Bella. His marking are similar, but he is much lighter. He has a white blaze just like his father! This guy cried and cried and cried when we dipped is navel in iodine. He is the talkative one of the two.

Remember, we have two more boer goats (Lucy and Princess) getting ready to kid any day now.

Any predictions? Leave them in the comments! I love hearing name suggestions & gender predictions!

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