Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goat of the Week: Introducing....Delilah

I realized after my most recent post that I haven't properly introduced the members of our goat family. Starting this week, I will be introducing a Goat of the Week!

This week features our very pregnant mama goat: Delilah

We bought Delilah in October of 2012. She is a Boer goat that we use as a breeding doe. This means she will be responsible for keeping our barns stocked with babies to sell at livestock auctions and to individuals raising goats for shows at fairs.

Delilah and her infamous spots.

Fun Story: When we purchased Delilah, our very good friends and barn-mates were also interested in her. They very kindly let us purchase her, so my dad and I were VERY proud of this girl. I mean, we scored! Woohooo! We won...etc! When we brought her home, my sister disagreed and declared her to be "hideous" because she didn't like the spots on her nose! Since then, we have all come to love her but still affectionately refer to her as Hideous.

She is due to have her first kid(s) in late January or early February 2013.
Amanda feeds grain to Honey (largest left) and Delilah (right) in the "Maternity Pen"
Besides the very noticeable face spots, she also has a brown perfectly circular spot on her back.

Now you know Delilah! I will always take requests, so let me know who you want to meet next!

UPDATE: Delilah had twins, you can check them out here, and  here!

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