Friday, August 23, 2013

Fixing up the Barn : Save Money, Time and Goats!!

Does this look like your barn? Peeling paint isn't just ugly, it is a potential hazard for your animal. We decided that before the next batch of kids arrive, we needed to do some affordable renovations.

Tip #1: Use OOPS Paint
When a new coat of paint in necessary, check out your local paint department for their "OOPS" paint. Often colors are mixed incorrectly, and are marked down anywhere from 50-85%. If you don't care about the color, it can be a great way to save! We purchased an off white and a light green. If they don't have any colors you can live with, keep checking back, or mix multiple colors together to get a color you like! We spent $13 for two gallons, more than enough to cover the front of the barn, our entire shelter and touch up gate doors WITH PAINT STILL LEFTOVER!!

Before on Top, After on Bottom

Tip #2: Make Sure it is Kid Safe
Sometimes they don't sell "livestock friendly" paint. And when they do, it isn't cheap! We use an interior paint that is (human) kid safe and low VOC. This means it dries quickly and if an animal chews on it, it won't be as toxic as a regular exterior paint. The drawback is that you have to reapply more often.

Tip #3: Don't Go Crazy Painting
You aren't Martha Stewart. Seriously. Sorry to burst your bubble. Things that need the added weather protection (like a shelter) or do not come into contact with animals (barn exterior, gate exteriors) are fine to paint away on. Go nuts. However the interiors of pens don't need to be gleaming white, or constantly painted. Even with low VOC paint, remember that kids are far more likely to chew on the wall than the adult goats. Don't take the risk!

Hope this post inspires you to touch up your barn (or house, dog house, room)!
Let me know what YOU want to read about next!

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